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Argo Group is a specialty insurance company that is powered by digital thinking and expertise.

Tweet this Nick Sharma and Farah Gasmi explain how Argo Digital discovers and satisfies customers’ needs.

Specialty insurance moves the entire global economy. Without it, trade, commerce, innovation and entrepreneurial activity of all kinds slows to a crawl. Paradoxically, given its extreme importance, specialty insurance customers expect coverage to be much simpler and easier to get.

Argo Digital’s mission is to use the latest methods of data science, software engineering and product development to meet and exceed that expectation. In doing so, the company wants not only to transform itself, but also the specialty insurance industry.

The company’s approach to bring about this change is to put customers first. Nick Sharma, director of digital product at Argo Digital, explains: “The way we figure out what sort of products to build and what sort of project we might want to take on is by understanding potential customer pain points first.”

Farah Gasmi agrees. As director of data science and data engineering at Argo Digital, she states that digital transformation is not merely a function of inserting tech into a business line: “Being in that customer-first mindset is extremely important, because you question what you’re doing and how you’re doing it to make sure you really get into the core of the problem and solve it.”

Being customer-first also involves putting together a world-class team of professionals from a range of disciplines. Equipped with this approach and these people, Argo is addressing customer needs more quickly than the competition – or better still, is predicting customer needs and then working internally and with broker partners and customers to satisfy these anticipated needs.

In a very real sense, as specialty insurance has become more specialized and digital technologies have become more advanced, customer-first and digital-first are now synonymous: Customer-first companies are digital-first companies, and vice-versa. Argo is that customer-first/digital-first specialty insurance company.

“Our superpower comes from the fact that we marry insurance leadership with the creativity of people from outside insurance,” says Nick. “The combination of those two means we’re going to come up with new ideas that nobody else in the industry is thinking of right now.”


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Connect on LinkedIn in Nick Sharma

Nick Sharma is director of product at Argo Digital. In this role, Nick is responsible for overseeing development of all the company’s digital products, which range from machine-learning risk-prediction platforms to advanced auto-quoting web applications.
Connect on LinkedIn in Farah Gasmi

Farah Gasmi is director of data science and data engineering at Argo Digital. She is driving the company’s AI strategy and leading its research and development in the fields of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML) and Computer Vision (CV). Farah also oversees Argo’s relationships with the company’s artificial intelligence partners and vendors.