Argo in Focus:
Working with Aon Inpoint

Argo Group’s strategy includes exploring new areas of business that can generate profit.

Tweet this Argo’s Ewelina Kudla and Aon’s Sherif Zakhary highlight the shared benefits of their companies’ relationship.

Argo Group’s strategy is to focus on making decisions and taking actions that improve profitability. Forging the right partnerships is an essential element of that focused approach.

One such relationship is with Aon Inpoint, the management consulting and advisory arm of Aon. Aon Inpoint provides advice to insurers and reinsurers like Argo based on key data and advanced analytics.

Like any healthy relationship, both sides benefit. Argo uses the information-driven insights from Aon Inpoint to pinpoint new client groups, identify business opportunities in underserved geographic areas, and then devote just the right amounts of capital and people to develop products for these customers and regions.

Aon, for its part, also benefits. The company is able to serve its clients better by helping Argo uncover new market opportunities and develop novel insurance products. So, everybody wins.

Sherif Zakhary, global head of business development for Aon Inpoint, says working with Argo is the perfect choice because the company appreciates the value of data and analytics to influence its decision-making and shape its value proposition.

“Argo has been a gold standard in adopting this approach,” he says. “The Argo and Aon teams are integrated and have regular interactions. Together, they look at data, how that data is needed by Argo leaders to give them the insights that they need to make decisions. This relationship makes Argo very competitive in the market.”

Ewelina Kudla agrees. Argo International’s head of international marketing and producer management highlights the immediate and enduring benefits of working closely with Aon Inpoint.

“Aon gets to know our underwriters and speaks to our managers and our leadership team,” she says. “I see our relationship with Aon overall as a long-term strategic partnership. And I see both sides benefitting from it.”


  1. Tweet this Aon Inpoint operates 20 offices worldwide, collecting and analyzing data with a team of over 200 data and analytics professionals.
  2. Tweet this Inpoint collects data on about $100 billion worth of insurance transactions annually.


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Ewelina Kudla is head of international marketing and producer management at Argo International. Based in London, she is responsible for overseeing the company’s relationships with brokers and other partners in Europe and Bermuda, and at Argo Group’s Syndicate 1200 at Lloyd’s.
Sherif Zakhary

Sherif Zakhary is global head of business development for Aon Inpoint. Aon Inpoint is the management consulting and advisory arm of Aon. His company relies on massive data and advanced analytics to advise insurers and reinsurers.