At Argo Group, we’re motivated by tomorrow.

We are and intend to remain a leading, innovative global specialty underwriter.

We’re motivated by the challenges, growth and changes tomorrow will bring.

We’re motivated by the opportunities we’ll have to secure success for our clients, employees, shareholders and communities.

Our improved 2016 financial results were born of our unwavering focus on success to these stakeholders.

We’re innovating, simplifying how we work and leveraging more technology to ensure tomorrow is even better than today.

Mid-Year Report 2016

Mark Watson Portrait

Message to Shareholders

“The company’s performance is improving, and we’re now getting closer to meeting our own high expectations.”

— Mark E. Watson III, Chief Executive Officer

Working At Argo

Argo’s success is directly linked to the intellect, commitment and enthusiasm of our team members. We take the time to hire high-potential individuals, and we invest substantially in their ideas and ambitions.

How Argo Innovates

Our ability to create value for stakeholders is rooted in a spirit of entrepreneurship and a passion for redefining what’s possible.

What Our Partners Say

We work with agents and brokerage partners in markets worldwide. Of course, we’re humbled to hear them describe the experience.

Mid-Year 2016 At a Glance

Argo Group has seen gross written premiums and net investment income grow in the first six months of 2016.

Gross Written Premiums (in millions)

Argo Group gross written premiums grew to $1.08 billion for the first half of 2016 showing increases almost across the board despite competitive markets.

Excess & Surplus

$314.3 (↑2.6%)

Commercial Specialty

$295.1 (↑17.1%)

International Specialty

$153.2 (↓6.1%)

Syndicate 1200

$317.6 (↑1.5%)


increase from $1.03 billion in the 2015 first half

Total Assets (in billions)


Combined Ratio


Book Value per Share