Four Factors Driving Reinsurance Trends

4 Pillars of Change in Reinsurance

Matt Wilken, deputy global head of reinsurance, explains four factors – from climate change to capital – that are driving global reinsurance trends.

Reinsurance is a dynamic industry, constantly changing and pushing those who work in it to stay on their toes. As environmental, technological and financial developments emerge all the time, reinsurers must always look ahead and keep pace.

Four factors currently affecting reinsurance trends, as described in the video by Deputy Global Head of Reinsurance Matt Wilken, are outlined below.

Factors Driving Reinsurance Trends

 1. Climate change

In the U.S., there has been more catastrophic activity in the last two years than in the prior 13 years combined.

2. Demographic change

Growing coastal populations increase the overall impact of hurricane damage.

3. Digitization 

Digitization changes the way insurance products are sold, which in turn affects how reinsurance coverage is structured.

4. Economic change

Changes in the way reinsurance companies use capital to support their business are enabling them to expand offerings and scale up.

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