Recycled-Plastic Art Helps Keep Bermuda Beautiful

Argo Group Helps Keep Bermuda Beautiful

Artist Meredith Andrews created a recycled-plastic art piece at the Argo Group Gold Cup event to spread awareness of ocean pollution.


When Meredith Andrews moved home to Bermuda after years of living in Europe, she began taking regular walks on the beach – and started picking up plastics along the way.

Her artist’s eye saw potential in the found items, and she used them to create colorful collages, which she photographs for prints and to share on social media.

“I’ve always been a sustainability-minded person,” Andrews says. “But as I’ve created these pieces, I’ve become hyperaware that globally we’re in the middle of an epidemic addiction to plastic.”

Sharing a message of sustainability

Argo Group shares Andrews’ commitment to sustainability and sponsored a beach cleanup in Bermuda ahead of the 2019 Argo Group Gold Cup. Andrews used the plastics collected during the cleanup to create a new piece of mosaic-style art during the sailing event.

“This piece was different from everything I’ve done before,” she says. “It was almost a performance, having me do it there live, and it was very successful. Everyone came to see what I was doing and asked a lot of questions about where plastic comes from.”

Turning trash into art

The project took four days, including sorting and cleaning the pieces, cutting them to the right size and composing them into the final image – two sailboats in Hamilton Harbour with the coastline in the background, inspired by a photo taken during last year’s Argo Group Gold Cup.

Andrews’ art will hang in Argo’s Bermuda office as a reminder of the importance of reducing ocean pollution. Additionally, the company presented a donation to Keep Bermuda Beautiful, whose mission is to engage individuals to take greater responsibility in reducing waste and eliminating litter through action and education.

Learn more about Argo’s partnerships with teams and events that share our commitment to innovation, teamwork and sustainability at No Risk, No Reward.

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