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Susan Comparato on Accepting Challenges to Accelerate Your Career

Learn how one Argo professional built an engaging, sustainable career with an open mind and ambition.

Success in the insurance industry comes to those who have the drive and will to forge their own path, according to Susan Comparato, Chief Administrative Officer at Argo Group. Comparato shared advice for how to build an engaging, sustainable career. 

  • Proactively look out for and take on new challenges. “Whenever there was a challenge or an issue, I raised my hand,” Comparato says. “You want people to see you as a person who’s willing to take on new projects and new initiatives. You want to be in the room when that next really big project comes around.”
  • Find a workplace that empowers you to go above and beyond. A supportive workplace and manager are critical to career success. At Argo, Comparato found a collaborative environment ripe with opportunity where she was encouraged to define her own career path. 
  • Keep an open mind as you chart your career path. A career is a number of different decisions,” Comparato says. “I could not have predicted I’d move from being a structured finance lawyer at a New York law firm to a chief administrative officer at a specialty insurer.” By staying flexible and diving into challenges, Comparato says she kept her career exciting, interesting – and growing.

Discover how Argo Group empowers employees to own their career paths 

Argo supports employee growth in numerous ways, including mentorship programs, cross-training and networking opportunities. Learn more about careers at Argo Group. 

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