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How Argo’s Approach to AI Is Designed to Yield Long-Term Success & Minimize Risks

As the hype over AI continues to build, Argo Group is taking an innovative approach to the technology.

In an interview with Intelligent Insurer, Kirsten Charlton, Chief Global Business Services and Innovation Officer, outlines how Argo’s approach to AI is designed to maximize the technology’s benefits while avoiding its risks. 

  • Starting small allows the team to build toward larger innovations. Charlton’s team began by training AI to do simple tasks, such as combing through claims to identify key data points. “Get something small, pragmatic, scoped,” she says. “We’ve been focusing on getting that first part right because if you don’t, you’re more at risk when you take bigger leaps into more complex automations.”  
  • Human coaching creates a more trustworthy relationship with AI. At Argo, real people train AI models to tackle complex operations with more steps. “We’ve put the human in the loop maybe at step two, so the user can think, ‘Oh, I get it, I trust this model now. And yes, I see where it’s moving to the next step and populating my data,’” says Charlton. This process helps the company ensure that the AI output is reliable and consistent.  
  • Employees are trained on the proper use of AI and submit their own innovative ideas. Through the company’s Innovation Council, employees are educated on AI and submit ideas for real-world applications. “By educating the people who are closest to the work, taking those great ideas they have and merging them together, we hope to get some of those innovations through our pipeline,” says Charlton.   

For more insights on Argo’s adoption of AI, read the full interview from The Intelligent Insurer. 

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