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How Argo Surety is Anticipating Market Trends to Stay Ahead of the Competition

Argo Surety’s Mark Farina shared the company’s strategy with PropertyCasualty360.

Mark Farina, SVP, Global CUO at Argo Surety, explained how Argo Surety is actively addressing downturns in the market and nationwide inflationary concerns in a recent interview with PropertyCasualty360. 

  • Right-sizing the business to concentrate on strong performers. Argo Surety is carefully reexamining their book of business. “We’re looking to protect the essential parts of that portfolio by exiting businesses that we’ve assessed as having a high probability of default,” Farina says.
  • Continuing to provide trusted partnership and service. “Argo is laser-focused on driving success for the surety business through consistent underwriting discipline, regardless of economic conditions,” Farina says. 
  • Focusing on remaining a top U.S. surety. Since launching in 2008, Argo Surety quickly grew to become a top 10 U.S. surety provider. Farina expects that to continue thanks to the company’s discipline and close relationships. “We’re confident because we approach challenges head-on and make tough decisions to help Argo thrive and deliver the best results for our clients and investors,” Farina says. 

Staying on top of economic trends is just one way Argo Surety strives to be an effective partner to clients. Learn more about what a partnership with Argo Surety looks like, then explore Argo Surety’s bond options to find the right fit for your next project. 

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