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How Argo’s employees help the company change for the better

Embracing change and diversity makes Argo more human and leads to better business results.  

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Argo Group doesn’t see change as a threat to their business. “To change is to be human,” says Susan Comparato, Argo’s Chief Administrative Officer. “Instead of fighting it, we embrace it.” According to leaders across the organization, that perspective has helped Argo foster a diverse workforce that contributes to the longevity of the business.  

People-driven progress

Argo’s approach to change is focused on people. “We believe change should be a partnership,” says Gary Grose, President of Commercial Specialty. “We encourage everybody to bring their best ideas to the table and we’ve often implemented suggestions from every level of the organization.”  

That’s possible thanks in part to Argo’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), which are organized around important issues and identities. An executive sponsor for each group surfaces priorities from their ERG, urging leadership to adopt practices and initiatives they believe will lead to a thriving and inclusive culture. 

Anthony Pence, Organizational Design and Change Manager at Argo, describes how the Argo Pride ERG has helped shape corporate culture. “We hosted a Pride event every week in June this year with great participation from across the company, including folks who identify as LGBTQ+ and our allies.”  

In another instance, Omar Khan, Deputy Head of International Pricing, was looking for ways Argo could accommodate a greater diversity of religious customs. With the support of his ERG, Omar led a company-wide initiative: a flexible religious holiday option for all employees. “Now, employees can take time off for religious and cultural holidays with the full support of the workplace,” Omar says. 

Strong diversity means better business

According to Forbes, diverse companies generate, on average, 19 percent more in revenue than monolithic ones. “Diversity in our workforce ensures unique perspectives and solutions,” says Comparato. “We believe empowering our ERGs help us make impactful change that meets the challenges of a rapidly evolving global economy.”  

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