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How Argo adapts to make a positive impact on employees and the environment

At Argo, change is deliberate and impactful.

At Argo Group, change means more than just adapting to an evolving world. “We are drivers of change,” says Susan Comparato, Chief Administrative Officer and Executive Sponsor of Diversity & Inclusion. “We aim to have a meaningful impact for employees, our business and the world.”

That means focusing on where people work and how it impacts their lives and the environment.

Flexible work before and after COVID

“The pandemic accelerated our shift to remote work, but we had already begun moving toward a flexible model,” says Silvana Nuzzo, Vice President of Total Rewards. Argo implemented its Flexible Workplace Policy in early 2020, shortly before the pandemic began. “Today, most employees have the option to work at home, in the office or both.”

For some employees, that flexibility had a profound impact. Joy Christie, Vice President of Argo Environmental, was grateful for the ability to work from home and care for his ailing father.

“It was a significant help for me and my family,” says Joy. Thanks to Argo’s flexible workplace approach, Joy was able to work one room away from his father and help him as needed.

Cleaner living, cleaner world

Argo’s flexible workplace model had another impact. With fewer cars on the road and less lights on in the building, Argo significantly reduced their carbon footprint, including their indirect greenhouse gas emissions, in 2021.

This environmental commitment is also visible in Argo’s investment policies. As a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment, the company invests in organizations that align with core ESG principles, ensuring that their money supports groups trying to change the world for the better.

“Having great policies is important, but what truly matters is following through on them to make real changes happen,” explains Alex Hindson, Chief Risk and Sustainability Officer. “That’s how Argo makes an impact – not just by reacting to change, but by driving changes that make the world a better place.”

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