New Argo PROtect Forms Unveiled

In just the few short weeks they’ve been available, a number of Argo Pro’s new policy forms have already proven successful.

Argo Pro is excited to share some big news: New Argo PROtect forms have launched.

Craig Landi, president of Argo Pro, says the new forms represent a tremendous amount of hard work among his staff, and are the result of spending a lot of time with clients, listening carefully to what they’ve been wanting.

That included scouring the competitive landscape, looking for ways Argo Pro can gain an edge in its ongoing efforts toward becoming a product innovator in 2017.

The result? Landi says the new PROtect forms are a huge step toward delivering first-class coverage for Argo Pro’s clients.

See for yourself:

Accountants PROtect form

Accountants PROtect

Accountants PROtect highlight sheet

Architects & Engineers

Architects & Engineers PROtect form

Cyber Tech PROtect

Architects & Engineers PROtect highlight sheet

Directors and Officers Excess Side A DIC PROtect

Lawyers PROtect form

Lawyers PROtect

Lawyers PROtect highlight sheet

Miscellaneous PROtect

And Argo Pro has already seen success from a number of its new policy forms in just the few short weeks they’ve been available.

From playbook to PROtect 

Why PROtect? Argo Pro wanted to move away from branding the forms “playbook,” because the company wants brokers to know they weren’t merely updated: They’re remarkably different. They’re more streamlined, consistent and clear, emboldening Argo Pro to innovate regarding the types of coverages available.

Something else that’s particularly noteworthy: Cyber liability is expressly stated in the new forms, leaving no doubt it’s included. Few in the market will do this, Landi says.

The launch of the new forms is the latest step in Argo Pro’s efforts to make product innovation a cornerstone of 2017.

Stay tuned for additional form updates.

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