Is Underwriting a Good Career? For This Lifelong Learner, It’s Great

Curiosity Helps This Underwriter Deliver Results

Alex Andrews, Argo Construction Underwriting Team Lead, was introduced to the insurance industry in college and quickly embraced it as a career.

Argo Construction employee Alex Andrews and young woman wearing life vests on a boat

Sometimes a career path starts where you least expect it.

That was the case for Alex Andrews, an Underwriting Team Lead for Argo Construction. While enrolled at Virginia Commonwealth University, he attended a presentation by the academic fraternity Gamma Iota Sigma, which discussed careers in risk management and insurance. By the time the talk concluded, he was hooked.

“They talked about the different types of insurance – things I’d never thought about – like how insurance is written for things as different as spacecraft, professional athletes and stadiums,” he says. “That’s when I knew I wanted a degree in risk and insurance.”

All-in on insurance

During his studies at VCU, Alex worked as both an underwriting assistant and a documentation assistant at two different insurance firms and had an internship at a third company.

“I really wanted to get as much experience as possible, so I looked for as many opportunities as I could to get exposure to the industry,” he says.

After graduation, Alex joined Argo Group’s SAIL program, which provides the next generation of insurance professionals with the skill set and values that define Argo’s culture. Next, he moved into a Specialty General Liability Underwriter role supporting the North Region. After a short stint at a different carrier, Alex returned to Argo this past spring.

Always learning, always growing

Now that he’s worked in the insurance industry for several years, Alex says the constant learning is what makes underwriting a good career.

“With every new case that comes in, I get to learn about something new,” he says. “I love doing research to investigate a new industry or product. And I’m constantly learning about new technologies and techniques in the construction industry.”

Weekend mix: reading, relaxing and volunteering

On the weekends, Alex says he and his wife, Mia, like getting together with friends and hanging out with their dogs, a Doberman named Apollo and a Brussels Griffon named Basil. He has also served as finance committee chairman for the local Paint the Town Green event, which helps remove trash and debris from Richmond neighborhoods.

Given his passion for learning, it’s no surprise that Alex is an avid reader, often picking up titles from his favorite science fiction author, Orson Scott Card, or the latest personal development book. He’s even dabbled in some science fiction writing of his own. Until recently, he also published his own personal finance blog; eliminating debt and finding additional sources of income were common themes, he says.

Does this interest in creativity help him at work?

“Even if it’s a challenging case,” Alex says, “I know that by diving into the research, I can find a creative way to deliver a solution that meets the client’s needs.”

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