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We have a dedicated team of underwriters, technicians and risk management professionals who support the product development and global distribution of clean energy technology performance risk solutions that deliver value to renewable energy markets, including solar, bioconversion (waste-to-energy) and energy storage. Clean Energy team members have been assessing green technology risks for a combined 50+ years and have underwritten a combined more than 35 GW of clean energy performance risks since 2009.

Solar Panel Performance

We provide the backstop of the solar panel manufacturer’s original performance and product warranties.

We are flexible to insure manufacturers’ global sales or dedicated sales into individual projects, markets or customers.

Our coverage is applicable to both brownfield and greenfield projects: ground-mounted, rooftop and floating solar.

Solar Project/System Performance

We protect investors by covering long-term project cash flows through a Performance Ratio Guarantee or a MWh Guarantee (this includes irradiance risk, or solar, as a resource).

We have expertise in coverage for project contractors, operations & maintenance, lenders; single large utility projects, global portfolios of asset managers or commercial & industrial and residential portfolios.

Fuel Cell System Performance

We provide the backstop of the manufacturer’s original electrical and/or thermal performance warranties.

We are flexible to insure manufacturers’ total sales (corporate balance sheet protection) or dedicated customer sales or site locations.

Energy Storage Performance

We provide the backstop of the manufacturer’s original performance warranties. Subject to the accuracy of the battery management system (BMS), we insure utility, commercial and residential site applications, as well as the growing e-mobility market.

Bioconversion System Performance

Our coverage is applicable to conversion of biomass or waste to:

  • Energy (electric power and/or heat)
  • Synthetic fuels
  • Other sustainable chemical products

We provide the following flexible coverage structures:

  • Pre-COD – start-up commissioning risk cover in form of repair cost and/or debt repayment
  • Post-COD – protect long-term investment with guarantee of project output and quality of end-product; operational and excessive maintenance risks


Our Team

Jan Napiorkowski

Global Head of Clean Energy

+852 6500 0159 Email

George Schulz (US)

Vice President, Clean Energy

+1 917 362 0837 Email

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