Spotlight: Argo’s Insurance Operations Teams

Spotlight on Insurance Operations

They might not wear capes, but these operational teams in London are some of the unsung heroes working behind the scenes to keep Argo’s business on track.

Underwriters and claims adjusters may be on the front line, but behind them is a network of insurance operations teams that are critical to the success of the business – ensuring that those front-line professionals have what they need to make the right choices for their partners and clients.

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The team assesses risk for the company – including the Lloyd’s syndicates and other entities across the globe. In March, their achievements were recognized at the InsuranceERM Annual Awards, where they won Risk Team of the Year.

“There are seven of us, and we have a range of experience – from actuarial students to experienced capital modelers,” says Ankit Goyal, Argo head of capital modeling. “Our main responsibility is understanding all the risks that the company is facing – in terms of its underwriting or reserving or operational or assets – and quantifying them.

“Most days typically involve analytical assessments, capital model runs, investigations of movements in capital results and interactions with other teams within Argo.”

This relatively new team produces quantitative and qualitative information across Argo’s international operations.

“The primary focus of the team is to enable better underwriter and management decisions with the provision of targeted and insightful analytics,” says MI & Performance Manager Andrew McNally. “We also work closely with the Actuarial and IT teams in London, as well as collaborating with the One Data and Marketing & Producer Management teams across Argo Group.

“Over the last year, the team has completely redesigned the process for placing business on the AGSE platform. On the open market side, we have worked hard to transform an old and painful process into a near-automated system that allows underwriters to place business more easily and invoice customers more effectively, whilst also allowing us to produce policy-level MI that was not previously possible.”

The ArgoGlobal Solution Delivery team members work hard to implement and maintain the company’s systems and applications.

“Our day is never typical,” says Senior Developer Eugene Suter, who works with the Bermuda management information team. “If we can’t fix everything at once, we try to give people options and prioritize what is time critical for them and what is not. We try to work with the business objectives in mind.​​”

Solution Delivery Lead Awin George and his group look after the Syndicate 1200 business.

“It’s always challenging when we implement a new system,” George says. “We test them beforehand, but because people use them in different ways for different things, we can’t cover every scenario for day one.”

Suter likes the unsung hero title. If nobody notices the team, he says, it means things are going smoothly.

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