Trident Public Risk Solutions Offers Insurance for Firefighters

Trident Offers Enhancement for Injured Firefighters

Trident Public Risk Solutions offers insurance enhancement to help firefighters cover elective procedures for injuries received while on duty.


Trident Public Risk Solutions has developed an innovative enhancement to help reduce the financial burden on firefighters whose injuries require elective reconstructive surgery for treatment of burns.

The inspiration for the new offering came from Argo Group CEO Mark E. Watson III, who asked Trident President Sue Coates if there was a way to help firefighters whose elective surgery for burn injuries might not be covered by workers compensation.

Insurance for firefighters

The Firefighter Elective Surgery Coverage Amendment, part of Trident’s public entity general liability coverage, became available April 1. It is designed to reimburse cities and towns for the voluntary payments they make on behalf of employees suffering bodily injury while on firefighting duty. Cities or towns can offer this added benefit to firefighters who choose to have an elective procedure that is not covered elsewhere.

“This expanded coverage is an opportunity for us to help firefighters who sacrifice so much every day in service to their communities all across the country,” Coates said.

Firefighters’ on-the-job injuries

Firefighters regularly work in dangerous environments that increase their risk of being injured on the job.

More than 58,800 firefighters in the U.S. were estimated to be injured while on duty in 2017, and 42 percent of those injuries occurred at the fireground, according to a report from the National Fire Protection Association. Five percent of reported injuries overall involved burns: 2 percent from fire or chemical burns and 3 percent from burns and smoke inhalation. Smoke or gas inhalation caused 4 percent of reported injuries.

About Trident

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