Insurance, Climate Change Pros Work Together to Mitigate Risks

Today’s View of Climate Risk

The Ariel Re team explains how investment in a technical and research-led infrastructure sets them apart in the industry.

Every business needs insurance. Climate change affects every sector. Insurers may have to think outside the box to mitigate clients’ climate-related risks.

Ariel Re’s market-leading approach places R&D and modeling teams alongside underwriters. This unique infrastructure enables underwriters to be informed by highly sophisticated modeling and supported by experts in meteorology, seismic engineering and hydrology.

The team explains the state-of-the-art thinking and technology behind Ariel Re’s climate modeling.

For underwriters, this type of modeling captures today’s view of risk, ensuring the carrier’s coverage decisions reflect the probability of events in the current climate.

Evgenia Agroti, Marco Carenzo and Federico Waisman from Argo’s R&D team explain how studying the intensity and frequency of extreme weather around the globe informs Ariel Re’s view of risk.

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