How Trident Can Help Towns Avoid Costly Litigation

How Trident Can Help Towns Avoid Costly Litigation

Trident Public Risk Solutions recently helped a town involved in a well-publicized land-use dispute avoid getting sued.

You naturally expect your insurance provider to assist you with covered claims that are made against your town. What happens, however, when the issue isn’t as simple as a slip-and-fall or auto accident?

Take the case of a town that recently learned that a group was seeking to locate a new cemetery within town limits. The request generated a lot of publicity because the location was controversial.

No claim had been filed yet, and Trident Public Risk Solutions contacted the town’s counsel to discuss their options. Trident offered the services of one of its defense attorneys, an expert at handling land-use disputes. Working with community leaders, Trident reached a mutually acceptable resolution, including approval of the cemetery.

The resolution involved no monetary settlement, and state and federal agencies were pleased with the agreement. As a result, the town was able to focus on serving the community instead of being tied up in potentially costly and contentious litigation.

As in this case, public entities can face certain types of claims that are unique to governing and serving a diverse community. Trident’s claims personnel are singularly focused on understanding these sorts of complicated legal issues and helping clients successfully navigate them.

What Trident covers: Trident offers a suite of packaged coverages designed specifically for public entities seeking a multi-line solution for their insurance program.

Who Trident insures: From small and midsize local governments purchasing guaranteed-cost packaged coverage to larger public entity risks that require unique funding and reinsurance mechanisms, Trident is your comprehensive platform for public sector risk management solutions.

Other ways Trident can help: To address potentially negative publicity, Trident has created a media-handling checklist such as having a statement worked out in advance. Learn more.

Contact Trident: Have questions? Need information? Please contact any team member from this list.

To learn more: The “Trident Is Here” series will highlight the many ways Trident serves the risk needs of the public sector. Trident – a leading provider of commercial insurance products for public entities – offers a suite of coverage solutions designed specifically for each client. Trident, through its network of agents and brokers, covers more than 2,000 municipalities, public schools, special districts and interlocal pools seeking a multi-line solution for their insurance and reinsurance programs.

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