Argo Surety’s Houston Food Bank Volunteer Outing

Argo Surety Volunteers at Houston Food Bank

Argo Surety’s Houston Food Bank volunteer outing is just the latest example of their commitment to community service.

Argo Surety employees volunteering at Houston food bank

June 30, 2021

Last month, a group of Argo Surety employees volunteered at the Houston Food Bank warehouse, where they spent a morning checking expiration dates, sorting food items and packing them into boxes for distribution to families in need.

Food banks everywhere saw their demand skyrocket when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The Houston Food Bank, the largest member of the Feeding America food bank network, distributed more than 272 million pounds of food between March 2020 and February 2021 – double the previous year’s output.

Early in 2021, they faced another crisis: winter storms that left millions of Texans without water or power. Following the devastating storms, the food bank received an influx of donations and high-profile visitors, including President Biden and the first lady. However, they’ve still struggled with volunteer shortages.

“Serving our communities is part of our identity as a team. We appreciate any opportunity to come together and support organizations doing important work.”

— Josh Betz, President of Argo Surety

Argo Surety’s history of community service

Argo Surety has been active in Houston for years, having previously organized teams of volunteers to help in the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts and fill backpacks with supplies for students at two Houston schools.

The Argo Surety team has also sought ways to involve their colleagues across the country. In 2020, they participated in a half Ironman challenge that raised about $15,000 for nonprofit organizations chosen by the participants.

“We try to do a few events each year, and it’s always something different,” said Underwriting Director Kyle Fuller, one of nine employees who volunteered at the food bank.

“A lot of our philanthropy is driven by Josh Betz, and it trickles down through the organization,” Fuller said. “I can’t say that for every company I’ve worked for.”

Different ways to give back

Fuller’s own participation in the half Ironman challenge benefited a cause close to his family. He chose to send his donations to the hospital where his wife, a breast cancer survivor, had previously received treatment.

All year round, employees who give money to charitable organizations can submit to have Argo match the amount up to six months after the initial donation.

Argo Group also gives full-time employees eight hours of paid time off each year for volunteering, which they can use to support non-profit organizations or participate in local fundraising events.

“It’s pretty neat to work for a company that wants to give back and has different avenues to give back to things that are personal to you,” Fuller said.

Learn more about how Argo and its employees give back to communities where they live and work.

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