Return-to-Work Program

Workers’ compensation insurance rates are determined using a formula based on the number of claims and the cost or severity of those claims. Once a workers’ compensation claim is made, the most effective way to control the claim cost is to provide modified and transitional duties for your injured employees.

Most of our customers reduce their claim costs by an average of 30 percent by implementing a Return-to-Work program.

Argo Insurance U.S. Grocery & Retail can help you develop a Return-to-Work program based on the following guidelines and goals:

  • Control injury severity.  Studies show that the longer an injured employee stays away from work, the greater the chance for permanent disability.
  • Control claim cost.  Severity is measured by the average number of days missed or absent from work and the amount of time-loss payments. Return-to-Work programs speed the recovery process while reducing or avoiding permanent disability.
  • Assign appropriate activity.  Provide structured, physically appropriate work activities. While off the job, the injury could be aggravated if the activity is not physically appropriate.
  • Prevent a chronic “disabled” attitude.  Return-to-Work programs demonstrate to your injured employees that they can once again be productive members of your workforce.
  • Take a proactive approach.  Be interested in your employees’ safety. Modifying or alternating jobs while they recover will also keep them motivated and loyal to your company.
  • Send a message.  Injuries are not paid vacations, and chronic illness behavior will not be rewarded with time off.
  • Save money.  A significant portion of workers’ compensation-related costs are time-loss benefits, which replace (tax free) a large percentage of the employee’s weekly wage up to a state-mandated maximum. Faster returns to work reduce time-loss benefit costs and, therefore,save your business money.

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