ART-iTemp: Monitor food safety standards

Digitize your food temperature checks at your restaurant or grocery store with ART-iTemp. This innovative system couples Bluetooth wireless communication with a combined infrared/probe thermometer designed for the rigorous requirements of the food industry. Together, they make collecting dependable temperature checks as easy as making the rounds with a smart device.


  • Usable in multiple locations
    Monitor anything from food lines to refrigerated units.
  • Health-code compliant
    Meet all health code, USDA and FDA documentation requirements, including hot and cold handling logs, frozen seafood logs, cooling logs, receiving logs, and more.
  • Remote capabilities
    Add remote temperature sensors to automatically track the temperature of everything from walk-in coolers to water pipes – and send alerts if temperatures go above or below designated levels.
  • Track your activities
    Access the ART Dashboard for updates and receive real-time out-of-compliance notifications.

Additional Info

6400 SE Lake Road, Suite 190
Portland, Oregon 97222

P.O. Box 469013
San Antonio, TX 78246

Toll free: 800-777-3602
Fax: 503-833-1777
Claims: 833-240-4128

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