ART-iInspect: Streamline inspection reports

Bring your safety records into the digital age. ART-iInspect lets you easily shift weekly, monthly or quarterly operational inspections, audits, or checklists onto a shared digital platform for a single point of data entry with a smart device. Whether it’s a franchise compliance check or a simulated OSHA inspection — and whether you do it once per hour or only once per year — ART-iInspect makes it simple.

Easily digitize your own program or use the pre-designed forms already loaded. With more functions added regularly, some of the options you can utilize are:

  • Monthly safety meeting minutes.
  • Personal protective equipment checks.
  • Property protection surveys.
  • Kitchen safety checks.
  • Employee and customer safety surveys (multiple versions available, both restaurant- and grocery-specific).

Additional Info

6400 SE Lake Road, Suite 190
Portland, Oregon 97222

P.O. Box 469013
San Antonio, TX 78246

Toll free: 800-777-3602
Fax: 503-833-1777
Claims: 833-240-4128

E-mail general inquiries

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