Grocer Takes a High-Tech Approach to Curb Costly Slips and Falls

Grocer Takes a High-Tech Approach to Curb Costly Slips and Falls

A new case study shows how supermarket chain Leevers reduced accidents and claims costs.


In the first 10 months of 2016, slip-and-fall claims cost Leevers Supermarkets $90,000 — a number the relatively small chain was eager to leave behind.

So Leevers turned to Argo Risk Tech (ART), a technology solution developed by Argo Insurance to help retailers manage risk. The grocer implemented ART in all 19 of its Colorado and Florida stores to better document and remedy unsafe conditions.

The result? According to a new case study, Leevers slashed its payouts by half compared to the same period in 2016.

Leevers made a seamless transition to ART.

It wasn’t hard to get employees to adopt the app-based ART system, which lets them use a smart device such as a tablet or smartphone, to document inspections, file real-time incident reports and conduct food-safety checks.

An online dashboard and digital reports allow managers to review detailed metrics, track use of the technology and provide updates for each store and district.

“ART takes a lot of the headaches out of the way,” said Lou Florez, asset protection director at Leevers. “Once you get [the program] rolling, people buy into it.”

Slip-and-fall claims dropped by nearly half.

The frequent, more-detailed inspections paid off in lower accident rates.

Slip-and-fall claims fell 43 percent at Leevers’ Colorado stores in 2017, compared to the previous year. That rate is down 62 percent from 2015.

Implementing ART has meant financial benefits for Leevers, in addition to making its stores a safer place to work and shop, improving employee morale and strengthening their relationships with customers.

To learn more about how Argo Risk Tech helped Leevers reduce slip-and-fall accidents and claims costs, download the case study.