Garage Insurance Companies: Meet Colony Specialty’s Team

Meet the Garage Team

Get to know the Colony Specialty Garage team, from risks they’ve written to their favorite road trips.

When auto dealers and service operations turn to garage insurance companies for coverage, Colony Specialty’s Garage team has the experts they need. The team handles antique cars, golf carts, used cars and trucks, salvage and much more. Learn more about them, including their favorite road trips and passions outside of work.

Julie Baggett, senior underwriter: My favorite childhood family road trip was to Show Low, Arizona.

Ray Salazar, senior underwriter: Motorcycle trip to Sturgis, South Dakota, where I met my wife.

Kerri Irving, underwriting manager: I cherish memories of a childhood trip to the Smoky Mountains with my grandparents and cousins.

Christina Winter, senior underwriter: Driving through Canada with my family when I was 7 for a two-week trip to Alaska.

Patty Dutton, senior underwriter: Driving in my convertible over Trail Ridge Road from Grand Lake to Estes Park, Colorado, gripping the wheel so hard that my arms ached for days after

Teresa Gross, senior underwriter: My husband and I took a trip to Virginia Beach. He wanted to show me where he lived while in the Navy and introduce me to coleslaw pork sandwiches.

Russell Steele, underwriter: Senior year of high school beach week. We broke down on the way and hitchhiked a ride the rest of the way there.

Sandy Zrimsek, vice president, head of transportation: Psychology or interior design. It depends on the day.

Amber Gargan, underwriting manager: I would love to own my own craft shop where I can sell stuff I make.

Kelsey Dockray, senior underwriter: I have always wanted to be a psychologist, but I’ve also dreamed of owning my own record label.

Russell Steele: I would be an actor or artist.

Teresa Gross: I would run an adoption service for animals.

Christina Winter: I’d be an athletic trainer.

Sarah Hayes, senior underwriter: A kidnap and ransom policy.

Krystal Young, underwriter: A mobile motorcycle dyno testing service.

Ray Salazar: A heavy truck service/repair operation with significant manufacturing/fabrication involved.

Kerri Irving: A risk in Seattle that sells motorcycles along with motorized bicycles.

Patty Dutton: I am the secretary/treasurer for our town’s non-profit cemetery association.

Julie Baggett: My family, including my grown twins, ballroom dancing and playing my upright electric bass guitar.

Kelsey Dockray: I enjoy spending time with my dog and being in the mountains, camping, hiking, rock climbing, fly-fishing and snowboarding in the winter.

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