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Four Ways to Fuel Your Insurance Career

Being ambitious, inquisitive, innovative and courageous.

Educated and driven millennials thrive in insurance. To succeed, you need to cultivate four important traits. Details below – including insights from young people making names for themselves across Argo Group companies.

To fuel your career in insurance, you need to be:

  1. Ambitious
    Have goals? Good. Now stretch further. If you’re the sort of person who continuously strives for that which is out of reach, you’ll do well here – like Rogelio Hernandez, associate claims adjuster at Trident Public Risk Solutions. His managers say he has an ambitious attitude. “I grew up in a family business, so I appreciate the importance of having close connections with my workplace and the feeling that whatever I do actually matters,” he says. “I don’t work for the family now, but I still feel the stakes are high. It’s about having that drive and wanting to do good work.”
  2. Inquisitive
    Ask why, dig in and wonder. Your need to know helps you meet challenges and find solutions. That’s just how Georgia Tsiakki, director of risk at ArgoGlobal, approaches her work. “If we didn’t ask questions, how would we know what services our clients expect from us? How would we figure out where the market is headed and what we might do to succeed? How would we uncover better ways to work? I openly ask questions. It’s one of the best ways to understand where we are and how to move forward.”
  3. Innovative
    You’re always prepared to change strategies, tactics and approaches when situations change, which they do – fast. Ready, speedy? Kenny Holms certainly is. He’s head of predictive analytics at ArgoGlobal. “I think innovation stems from being willing to challenge the norm, being imaginative, taking risks, embracing modern techniques and refusing to give up. It’s a lot of fun! By creating a culture that understands and encourages innovation, we prepare ourselves to embrace the opportunities we face as the business and technology landscape evolves.”
  4. Courageous  
    When you see something wrong, you speak up. You question the status quo. The audacious carry the day in this business. Leah Ohodnicki is known for being courageous. She’s senior vice-president, head of marketing and producer management at Colony Specialty and Argo Pro. “If you’re paying attention, you’re going to see things that maybe could be done differently or better. You have to be willing to speak up and say: I think we need to revisit how we’re doing this. You might get shot down. But if you have a thoughtful approach as to why you’re making the recommendation, people will hear you.”

Four-point path to success
Ambition, inquisitiveness, innovation and courage: four important characteristics you need to get ahead in the insurance industry, a dynamic sector with career opportunities for smart and eager millennials.

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