Evolving Together: Argo and Formula E

Argo Group is proud to sponsor teams that share its commitment to innovation, teamwork and sustainability. See how Formula E's advancements in these areas align with Argo's, creating a perfect partnership.

Argo Group and Formula E push traditional boundaries in their respective industries to pursue excellence through innovation, teamwork and sustainability.

“Whether in racing or in business, you’re not going to get ahead if you don’t take chances,” said Argo Group CEO Mark E. Watson III.

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These investments pave the way for future growth and innovation at both Argo Group and Formula E. Learn more about Argo Digital initiatives.

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“Every modern business knows that recruiting the right team is critical to success,” Watson said. “This may sound obvious, yet the intricacies of building an ideal team are arguably greater now than at any other time in business history.”

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As awareness of global environmental issues grows, so do the efforts industries such as sports and insurance make to reduce their ecological footprints while still pursuing success.

“Sustainable team sports that also value innovation don’t exist in large numbers,” said Gary Grose, Argo Group’s producer management and marketing leader. “Formula E really stands apart. We’re proud to have that in common.”

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