Empowering Innovation Through Employee-Led Program

Ask an Innovator

Argo employees lead the company and the industry forward through collaboration and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Last year, our innovation team launched Argo Innovates, a program wherein employees are invited to submit original ideas for products and processes that could help improve how Argo operates – internally, for our partners and as a leader in the insurance industry.

“Our grassroots, employee-led approach to innovation is evident in the very high level of participation in our first year of Argo Innovates,” says Jeff Canfield, Vice President and  Head of Innovation. “By collaborating on these ideas, our employees have a genuine voice in building the Argo of the future – that is very empowering and the process itself is often very fun.”

Whether developing their own ideas or working as a team, the entrepreneurial spirit took hold of creative thinkers who submitted more than 100 ideas in 2020, several of which are already being put into production. The momentum continues this year, as employees across the company – many of whom have never met before – collaborate to bring their ideas to life.

“The engagement in 2020 was very strong,” says Chris Sekerak, Innovation Specialist. “We took the plane off the runway and got it into the air. And more importantly, there are a lot of passengers on the plane.”

Watch the video above to find out where some of these innovators find inspiration.

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