Four Argo Employees Recognized as Emerging Leaders

Four Argo Employees Emerge as Leaders in Insurance

The Emerging Leaders Conference offers rising stars in the industry a chance to network and reflect on the opportunities and responsibilities of leadership.

More than 100 insurance industry rising stars from around the world will meet in Austin, Texas, February 23–25 for the second Emerging Leaders Conference. Argo Group is a sponsor of the event, which is hosted by the American Property Casualty Insurance Association, the Insurance Careers Movement and AM Best.

At the conference, Argo Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer Tony Cicio will discuss Argo’s commitment to foster a workplace where employees can be authentic. Head of Argo Ventures Oleg Ilichev will discuss the transformation of insurance, talent and evolving customer expectations.

Meet this year’s class of emerging leaders from Argo to learn how they view the role of a leader:

What makes a good leader?

Great leaders lead by example, take responsibility for their actions, trust their teams to accomplish their goals, and take pride in the success of those they help along the way.

Which leaders inspire you and why?

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern embodies the best attributes of optimism, common sense, approachability and most importantly, empathy. She teaches the world how to be human. She is a progressive leader who inspires young women to dream big and know that they can achieve anything.

Which leaders inspire you and why?

Martin Luther King Jr., Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates, just to name a few. All are world changers and innovators whose influence is infinite.

How does Argo encourage you to bring your authentic self to work and why is that important?

Argo encourages a healthy work/life balance by offering flexibility in workspaces and understanding the challenges employees face outside of work. They also encourage diversity and inclusion by being receptive to different beliefs and opinions and regularly evaluating policies and procedures to ensure they are inclusive.

What motivates you to lead others?

Every day is filled with new tasks, most of which begin as problems. As a leader, my role is to take these “problems” and turn them into “opportunities,” which allows me to collaborate with and empower my team to be creative and solutions-oriented.

Which leaders inspire you and why?

I have always been drawn to leaders who don’t just talk about change but are the change, such as Katie Sowers – the first openly gay coach in the NFL and the first woman to coach in the Super Bowl. It is so inspiring to see stories like hers – she had a vision and did not let any adversity stand in her way to get there.

What makes a good leader?

Good leaders pass on their knowledge and foster an environment of open communication in which team members are encouraged to ask questions and generate new ideas, allowing everyone to participate and grow in their own way.

Which leaders inspire you and why?

The best leaders are people you’ve likely never heard of. I’m inspired by people who take initiative to organize projects that benefit their local communities – people who are passionate and able to rally community members to participate.

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