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Video: A Fast Digital Solution for Marine Insurance Policies

Watch how quickly Argo Marine’s Contractors Equipment Express rates, quotes, binds and issues a marine insurance policy for smaller risks.

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Play Ball! Argo Marine Offers Sports Equipment Coverage

Argo Marine is partnering with to offer an online solution for sports equipment and facilities coverage.

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Argo Marine Launches Digital Contractors Equipment Express Platform

Argo Marine’s Contractors Equipment Express is a digital platform designed to rate, quote, bind and issue tools and equipment insurance coverage policies for smaller risks – fast.

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Scenes of the Season: Take the Show on the Road

At any time of year, transporting a multimillion-dollar Broadway musical production to an offsite location is a big risk. But proactive planning, especially during the hustle and bustle of the holidays, can help the endeavor reap a big reward.

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The Show Must Go On

Inland marine coverage helps protect the huge investment filmmakers, studios and production companies make to see their work on the big screen.

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Argo Group to Bring Speed and Ease to Low-Complexity Inland Marine Accounts

Argo Group will pilot an insurtech solution for low-complexity inland marine accounts in early 2019.

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Colony Specialty AVP Credits Prosperous Career to Relationships, Mentors

Dan Folkes likes the simple things in life – except when it comes to insurance, where he favors the challenge and creativity of the inland marine market.

Argo’s 12 Days of Santa’s Insurance: Sleigh Insurance

Santa’s elves could probably whip up a transporter capable of making superheroes weep, but their boss prefers to stick with the classics.

Argo’s 12 Days of Santa’s Insurance: Ocean Cargo Policy

When Santa’s sleigh hits turbulence, there’s a chance a toy or two hundred could take a tumble. With an ocean cargo policy from Argo Group, Santa’s toys are covered in transit – whether over land, sea or air.

Dedicated to small, medium and large companies, this insurance is meant to guarantee the insured property against physical damage caused by accidents and theft.