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Fine Art Title Sleuths: ARIS Is on the Case

The underwriting team at ARIS Title Insurance Corporation dives deep into the details while researching the ownership history and provenance of fine art and high-value collectibles – a special sort of detective work.


Focus: Bridging the gaps in provenance | Insurance Day

Title insurance for fine art and collectibles is being increasingly utilised as the art market changes and new buyers of art emerge, but it is a class that comes with unique jurisdiction and other legal exposures.


Argo: Protecting Historic and Cultural Treasures for Future Generations

Underwriting risk in 160 countries, Argo offers far-reaching insurance solutions that can help protect and preserve culturally significant landmarks, fine art and artifacts in the U.S. and around the world.

Trident Public Risk Solutions

Identifying Risk Factors of a Municipality’s Fine Art, Artifacts and Historic Structures

A review of risk management best practices for maintaining assets of significant cultural, historic and monetary value.


Art Title Protection Insurance

ARIS Art Title Protection Insurance (ATPI) is a title insurance policy structured to address the chain-of-title and lien risks inherent in art acquisitions and holdings as a form of personal property.

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