Specialty Construction Excess

Argo Construction’s Large Account Excess team offers customized solutions for your accounts and provides immediate feedback on tougher Excess & Surplus risks, with a focus on providing options instead of flat declinations.

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Coverage Highlights

Argo Construction issues policies in a variety of excess positions, including ventilated layers, with capacity up to $25 million in limits depending on the attachment point.

Excess liability coverage is available over the following underlying coverage:

  • General liability
  • Auto liability
  • Employers’ liability
  • Foreign liability
  • Excess over other fringe coverage also available

Coverage Provided

  • Admitted and non-admitted options
  • Occurrence or claims-made
  • Follow-form excess or umbrella
  • Excess over underlying insurance or retained limit

Capacity Afforded NY

  • $5 million excess of $5 million
  • $15 million excess of $10 million
  • $25 million excess of $25 million

High Excess

Standalone excess for large or complex accounts

Appetite & Availability

Commercial Contractors

  • Artisan contractors such as painters, carpenters, electricians and plumbers
  • General contractors: commercial/residential contractors with greater than 50 percent of work subbed out
  • High-excess OCIPs/CCIPs (Excess of $50 million in New York)


Jessica Buelow

VP, Owners and Specialty Units Business Leader

770-360-5162 Email

Nancy Alonso

AVP, Specialty Construction Underwriter

303-773-7223 Email

Kevin Libeg

Underwriter I, Specialty Construction

480-751-3664 Email

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