Binding Authority: Transportation

This segment provides products designed to cover a wide range of auto dealer and auto service operations on the traditional garage coverage form.

Colony Specialty’s Transportation Division provides both admitted and non-admitted garage products through wholesale general agents. This segment provides products designed to cover a wide range of auto dealer and auto service operations on the traditional garage coverage form. Dealers include operations involved in selling new or used autos, trailers, recreational vehicles, motorcycles and off-road vehicles. Repairs/service includes operations involved in auto and specialized vehicle service/repair, towing, salvage yards and valet parking.

Coverage Highlights

Basis of coverage


Coverage available

  • Garage liability
  • Garagekeepers
  • Dealers’ physical damage
  • Medical payments/personal injury protection
  • Uninsured motorist/underinsured motorist
  • Building, contents and income (available on non-admitted paper)

Optional coverage available

  • Broadened coverage
  • Drive other car
  • Errors and omissions for dealers
  • False pretense
  • Fire legal liability
  • Identity recovery
  • On-hook towed vehicles
  • Registration plate
  • Related operations for certain liability classes such as parts sales or mini marts
  • Cyber
      Cyber Suite includes:

    • Data Compromise Assistance: Provides coverage and assists the business owner in responding to a breach impacting customers’ and employees’ personal information.
    • Cyber Liability (Cyber One): Reacts when the business operational data and/or systems are damaged by an attack that necessitates recreation or restoration of business information.
    • Identity Recovery Insurance: Protects and assists the business owner in recovering their identity and credit history to pre-theft status.

Coverage Amounts

Minimum policy deductible

$500 per auto for both garagekeepers and dealers’ physical damage

Coverage Limits

Garage liability $1 million each accident with $3 million aggregate, sum of TIV for garagekeepers, dealers’ physical damage and property $15 million

Appetite & Availability

Targeted classes

  • Alarm installation
  • Antique/classic auto dealers
  • Antique/classic auto restoration
  • ATV sales and service
  • Auctions
  • Boat sales and service (no water exposure)
  • Body and paint shops
  • Construction equipment sales and service
  • Detailing (shop and mobile)
  • Dirt bike sales and service
  • Dune buggies/sand rails sales and service
  • Emergency vehicle sales and service
  • Farming equipment sales and service
  • Gasoline stations with repair operations
  • Go-kart sales and service
  • Golf cart sales and service
  • Mobile mechanics
  • Mobility equipment sales and installation
  • Moped/scooter sales and service
  • Motorcycle sales and service
  • Motor home/RV/camper sales and service
  • Roadside assistance
  • Salvage operations
  • Snowmobiles sales and service
  • Storage facilities/lots
  • Tow truck operators
  • Trailer sales and service
  • Truck tractor/semi-trailer sales and service
  • Upholstery shops
  • Used car/truck dealers
  • Valet parking services
  • Wholesale auto dealers
  • Window tinting shops

Excluded classes

Detailed in risk selection guide

Geographic availability

United States

Additional Information


Exclusive to appointed general agents


Sandy Zrimsek

Vice President, Underwriting

303-773-7276 Email

Mallorie Harper

Assistant Vice President, Marketing & Producer Management

832-996-4986 Email

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