Grocery & Retail

Grocery & Retail

Restaurants Use Cutting-Edge Tech to Improve Safety and Reduce Claims

Learn how technology is transforming the way restaurants manage risk in this new white paper.

Grocery & Retail

Grocer Takes a High-Tech Approach to Curb Costly Slips and Falls

A new case study shows how supermarket chain Leevers reduced accidents and claims costs.

Grocery & Retail

App Reduces Slip-and-Fall Accidents at Your Restaurant or Grocery Store

Slip-and-fall hazards cost companies billions each year. Argo Risk Tech can help ease that money drain by decreasing the chance of incidents in the first place.

Argo Digital

High-Tech Gadget Reduces Slip-and-Fall Claims for Grocery Chain

“With their new electronic platform, it takes a lot of the headaches away,” a Leevers Supermarkets official said about Argo Group’s new digitized store inspections product.

Grocery & Retail

20 Insurance Innovators to Know | Digital Insurance

Grocery & Retail

Argo Risk Tech: Using IoT to Reduce Workplace Risks

Argo Risk Tech offers an innovative way for supermarkets, convenience stores and restaurants to improve safety for customers and employees.

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