Argo Seguros Provides Bicycle Insurance to Paracyclist-in-Training

Tragedy Inspires Passion Project

Argo Seguros partnered with Brazilian paracyclist David Sousa to help him reach his dream of becoming a professional parathlete.


On March 10, 2013, a speeding vehicle struck David Sousa as he was biking to work in São Paulo. The impact severed Sousa’s right arm. The intoxicated driver didn’t stop, and the limb was later found discarded in a river, making reattachment impossible.

Now, Sousa cycles every day doing delivery work – pedaling an average of 130 kilometers, or more than 80 miles. But his dream is to train to be a professional athlete and bring more visibility to the sport of paracycling.

Argo Seguros wants to help Sousa’s dream come true.

“David is an example to us all,” says Newton Queiroz, CEO – Brazil. “Even after this serious accident, he never gave up.”

Passion becomes partnership

Argo Seguros entered a 12-month sponsorship agreement with Sousa and provided a bicycle insurance policy with third-party coverage, in case of collision. The deal also pays for some of Sousa’s living expenses.

“We want him to be able to train and dedicate himself exclusively to the sport he loves,” Queiroz says. “Our intention is to help him get to the next level and enter competitions.”

The team found additional partners to cover the costs of his professional uniform and bike maintenance, as well as a nutritionist, personal trainer and orthopedist. The medical partner is also helping pay for some living expenses.

Culture creates bicycle insurance opportunity

Brazil is ranked among countries with the worst traffic conditions. However, many Brazilians choose bicycles over automobiles as their primary mode of transportation, and sports cycling continues to grow in popularity.

In 2012, Argo Seguros noticed this trend and created a specialty bicycle insurance product that provides damage, theft and third-party coverage. It is available to the Brazilian market via Protector, the company’s digital services platform. Since launching, more than 20,000 policies have been issued and about 1,000 more are issued every month.

Learn more about Argo’s sponsorships at No Risk, No Reward.

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