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Argo Employees Feel Heard, Collaborative and Empowered

Our annual employee engagement survey notched a 79% response rate – 6% higher than the benchmark.

Business colleagues working at office by maintaining social distance due to Coronavirus pandemic. Office with acrylic glass partition on desk

Argo Group surveys employees each year to better understand how engaged they feel with their teams and by their work. In 2020, a strong majority of employees indicated the company communicates well with them, two-thirds reported collaborative teams and more than three quarters shared that they feel empowered in their work.

Communication: Staying connected

Keeping employees connected to the company and each other is a priority. Argo maintains a current internal site to inform employees of what’s going on across the company, to share opportunities for career development and to encourage employees to promote new ideas.

“This has been especially critical this year with updates and information related to COVID-19,” says Shannon Andersson, AVP, employee communications. “Our teams around the world need to stay well informed about Argo’s internal policies, as well as information that affects our clients’ businesses and how we work to provide what they need.”

Argo Innovates, a social innovation program launched earlier this year, encourages employees to connect with colleagues across all areas of the business to stimulate learning and inspire creativity. Employees submit and vote on their favorite ideas, participate in topical discussions and pitch selected ideas directly to the company’s executives. The ongoing dialogue accelerates the pace, moving a number of excellent ideas into action through collaborative workstreams.

“This is an employee-led initiative,” says Jeff Canfield, head of Innovation. “That means they’re going to be heard. Senior managers are really listening to what frontline employees have on their minds – that’s how we’re innovating.”

Collaboration: Working well together

Argo Casualty Primary Underwriter Sara Shahgholami values the positive day-to-day interactions she has with her fellow team members.

“It almost feels like we’re all together because we have meetings constantly,” she says. “We’re always kept in the loop, and we are really there for each other and talk all the time. I really like how it’s very much a team-based work environment.”

The culture at Argo enables Neil Meekings, head of Group Property and Risk Analytics, the opportunity to develop his career in several roles since he joined the company in 2008.

“Argo is a very collaborative company, and that really resonates with me in terms of teamwork and enjoying working with your colleagues to bring strategic initiatives to fruition,” Meekings says. “It’s a fun place to work, it’s very dynamic, it’s very entrepreneurial, and that is something I really enjoy.”

Argo offers employees an easy way to let their co-workers know they appreciate their work using a feedback notification through Workday. Argo Recognition enables employees to nominate colleagues for excellent work, making it visible to managers and colleagues.

“With the impact of COVID-19 and working remotely, this initiative gives everyone a way to recognize and say thank you to colleagues for their achievement, commitment and value during these challenging times,” says Matt Harris, group head of International Operations, of Argo Recognition.

Empowering employees

Argo encourages the formation of employee resource groups (ERGs) to gain insights from a broad range of employees in support of the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. ERGs share a mission of creating a workplace culture that gives all employees respect, equal treatment and opportunities to succeed. Membership in ERGs is voluntary and open to all employees. Current ERGs include gender equality, generational, race/ethnicity/multicultural, veterans, working families, LGBTQIA+, socioeconomic and disabilities.

“We have a bright future as we continue to empower employees to innovate, influence and build communities of interest within and outside of Argo,” says Megan Furlano, vice president of talent acquisition.

Being respected and supported for her roles at work and at home, Argo Construction Underwriter Rhonda Carter appreciates the support she receives to excel professionally and personally.

“I love the family atmosphere and the importance they put on family,” Carter says. “I’m a mom, a wife, and that is always the priority. I love being able to go to my kids’ school and be a part of different things but also being a working mom.”

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