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Massive Wildfires Reinforce Vital Role of Insurance

Wildfires torch millions of acres each year in the U.S. Argo can provide a financial firewall for businesses in the face of increased wildfire threat.

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Allowing Service Animals In K-12 Schools: What Educators Should Know

A Supreme Court ruling from 2017 shines a spotlight on the legal risks educators face when deciding not to allow service animals in schools.

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Top 6 Liability Risks for Lawyers

Cyberattacks and changes in marijuana laws are some of the key issues discussed at a recent conference about exposures attorneys face.

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Focus: Assigning tactical medical support to SWAT operations adds liability risks | Insurance Day

Insurers and their public entity clients need to reach a consensus on the best way to manage the risks of sending tactical medical teams to support SWAT operations.

Trident Public Risk Solutions

Why Cities Should Plan Now to Lower Risks From Fireworks Displays

Spectacular pyrotechnic displays are expected to light up the night skies around the world as revelers celebrate the arrival of 2018. But fireworks can also pose serious hazards for municipalities.

Trident Public Risk Solutions

5 Ways Trident Can Help Law Enforcement Mitigate Risks

To help address risk management needs and other challenges, Trident Public Risk Solutions has spent years closely working with those who protect and serve across the country.

Trident Public Risk Solutions

How Local Governments and Emerging Risk Specialists Can Respond to Growing Cyberthreats

“You want to give citizens access, whether it’s to pay a water bill or review their kids’ grades,” Thom Rickert said. “That openness makes them an easier target.”

Argo Pro

3 Things Contractors Should Consider When Picking Insurance

Potential gaps in coverage in areas such as construction defects, contractors pollution or data breaches can prove costly.

Argo Pro

Contractors PROtect℠

Argo Pro’s policy is designed to address complex needs including exposures relating to construction and pollution.

Trident Public Risk Solutions

What Risk Managers Should Know About Avoiding Costly Jail Claims

A Trident Public Risk Solutions study found that hundreds of claims made against jails resulted in millions of dollars in losses.

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