Asking Questions in Business: How to Learn With or Without a Degree

Finding a Brilliant Future in Insurance

Taylor Morgan embraces the opportunity to learn more about insurance as she grows her career with ArgoGlobal SE.

Argo international employee Taylor Morgan

When Taylor Morgan began working in the insurance industry at age 18, it felt like learning a second language.

“It was like a completely different world, and I feel it’s made me mature a lot quicker,” she says.

Morgan’s entry into the industry came through her participation in The Brokerage, a London-based non-profit that fosters career development for young people by matching them up with employers.

In her first role with Argo Group, Morgan divided her time between accounts payable and the syndicate. In her current position as assistant European accountant for ArgoGlobal SE, she has gained new perspective on premium and losses.

“I get to see the side to insurance I haven’t ever seen before, and I feel like I’m being challenged and pushed to learn new things, which I love,” she says.

Asking questions in business

Learning in business means asking questions, and Morgan urges others new to their careers to take advantage of the opportunity to expand their knowledge base. 

I learned that no question is a silly question, and every question matters,” she says. “If you haven’t learned something new each day, then that day hasn’t been useful.”

Morgan also has a word of encouragement for others who, like her, desire a professional career but do not have a university education.

“I came straight from sixth form,” she said. “I don’t think it’s essential to go to university. I think that whole stigma needs to change – I still think you can make it and you can get brilliant opportunities even if you haven’t been to university.”

Finding inspiration

Morgan enjoys a close relationship with her mother, whom she calls her inspiration for her ability to maintain a positive outlook despite setbacks.

“Through everything she has come up smiling on the other side,” she says.

The pair run a side clothing business together.

“We put our money together and turned it into a clothes, shoes, accessories and statement earring virtual shop,” she says. “We go to a warehouse and pick clothes. I get to model them, and we have a little Instagram boutique.”

Participating in The Italian Job

Morgan had the opportunity in to participate in The Italian Job, an annual motoring event sponsored by ArgoGlobal that raises money to support children’s charities. Morgan was one of three participants on one of 75 teams who spent a week in the fall of 2019 driving from London through Europe, before arriving in Imola, Italy.

“The three of us who went had never spent a whole week together stuck in car for nine hours a day driving together, so it was pretty intense,” she says. “But the bonding experience, plus the fact that it was for charity, was amazing.”

Travel is one of Morgan’s favourite activities outside of work.

“Every opportunity I get, I go on holiday,” she says. “Vegas is absolutely brilliant. It’s all day and all night, and that is exactly me to a T.”

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