ARIS Title Insurance Corporation is the leading global authority on legal title risks in the international fine art and collectibles market. That includes a wide spectrum of objects such as paintings, sculptures, rare books and manuscripts, rare stringed instruments, estate jewelry, vintage automobiles and memorabilia. Through risk assessment, analysis, and specialized insurance policies, ARIS provides protection against future title claims to art and collectibles for commercial institutions, museums, individual private collectors, art dealers, and all other market stakeholders with this class of assets.



A.M. Best


Positive Outlook

Standard and Poor's

Know Your Title

Know Your Title is a service that provides pre-sale risk assessment and advice through comprehensive research and analysis on an object’s provenance, chain of title, and parties involved in an art transaction.

Art Title Protection Insurance

ARIS Art Title Protection Insurance (ATPI) is a title insurance policy structured to address the chain-of-title and lien risks inherent in art acquisitions and holdings as a form of personal property.

Katherine Subasic
Underwriting Analyst

Christine Lee
Marketing Strategist

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