Treaty Reinsurance

Ariel Re’s treaty portfolio is focused on territories where data of high quality, and reliable historical loss information, can be obtained.

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Coverage Highlights

Ariel Re’s underwriters strive to provide superior service by being a quoting or leading market for traditional structures such as Catastrophe XL and Aggregate XL as well as Quota Share arrangements. Also, the company is a quoting market for less standard placements, such as Top & Drop covers, RPPs and multi-year deals.


Coverage Amounts


When a program meets Ariel Re’s data and pricing requirements, the preference is to allocate material capacity. Ariel Re strongly believes that having a detailed understanding of a relatively small number of accounts rather than a limited understanding of a large number of accounts will lead to improved gross account performance; this belief has been borne out in the account’s gross loss ratio since inception.

While the average line size per cedant is approximately $15 million, Ariel Re has deployed over $100 million+ for core partners.

Attachment point

Ariel has no attachment point preference. Our current portfolio ranges from low return period coverage to extremely remote excess of loss protection.

Appetite & Availability

Ariel Re’s treaty portfolio is focused on territories where data of high quality, and reliable historical loss information, can be obtained.

Business emanating from the United States continues to form the primary exposure of the portfolio. Our U.S. team provide capacity to a diverse client base, ranging from single state writers to residual markets and nationwide carriers.

Outside of the United States, Ariel Re’s international treaty team reinsures business on six continents. Capacity and solutions are offered for a broad array of clients. Partners range from companies writing business in niche zones within a single country to those writing on a global basis.

Additional Information

The Lutine Alternative (TLA) Consortium

The Lutine Alternative Consortium was created to compete with non-traditional markets and stimulate product innovation. Ariel Re is the sole underwriter for TLA and has following support from a number of Lloyd’s syndicates.  The consortium has been actively writing business since 2014 and can offer up to $100 million of capacity any one risk.

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