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Established in 2005, Ariel Re underwrites a global portfolio of insurance and reinsurance business through offices in London, Bermuda, Atlanta and Kansas City on Lloyd’s Syndicate 1910 paper, which is rated “A” by A.M. Best and “A+” by Standard & Poor’s. The combined organization employs approximately 100 industry professionals in London, Bermuda and the United States.

Ariel Re continues to provide a defined value proposition to clients, intermediaries and reinsurance partners:

  • Market Leaders
    Ariel Re quotes or leads the majority of its business in all lines. It is also the founder and lead market of catastrophe consortium The Lutine Alternative and Contingent Outage insurance consortium Dynamis; both are supported by several other Lloyd’s syndicates.
  • Long-Term Partners
    Ariel Re desires client and reinsurer relationships with those who share the vision and values associated with long-term partnerships. The majority of Ariel Re’s portfolio is comprised of clients who have been with Ariel Re since its incorporation.
  • Analytical Expertise Delivers Bespoke Solutions
    Ariel Re has developed an industry-leading, state-of-the-art proprietary pricing and portfolio management system to deliver bespoke solutions for each client.
  • Claims Settlement
    Ariel Re’s robust claims operations have led to it being one of the top-ranked syndicates in Lloyd’s in terms of claims-handling speed.


  • 2005: Ariel Re begins its operations in Hamilton, Bermuda
  • 2008: Syndicate 1910 is launched
  • 2012: Ariel Re’s Bermuda-based operation is consolidated into Ariel Syndicate 1910 at Lloyd’s
  • 2013: London-based Direct & Facultative Insurance team is established, writing out of Lloyd’s of London
  • 2014: Ariel Re creates a Lloyd’s-based catastrophe consortium (The Lutine Alternative)
  • 2015: Ariel Specialty Insurance Managers is established. Also in 2015, Ariel Re proudly celebrates its 10-year anniversary.
  • 2016: Ariel Re launches Contingent Outage consortium (Dynamis)


Each risk submission flows through a process of data analysis and quality assessment analysis to properly quantify the potential losses associated with each risk we seek to underwrite. The Analytics team uses the major vendor models to do this, with an overlay of the in-house proprietary view of risk, as determined by the R&D team. The analyst works closely with the relevant underwriter to review the reasonableness of the results, including examination of data quality reports produced at the conclusion of the modeling processes.

Pricing and Portfolio Management

Ariel Re Portfolio System (ARPS) is an in-house proprietary system created by the Ariel Portfolio Management team. It is an industry leading (re)insurance pricing and accumulation system, which manages the entire underwriting and risk management process. The system automatically optimizes the portfolio and promotes disciplined underwriting and management of accurate risk aggregates.

ARPS is fully and seamlessly integrated with third-party vendor models, accounting systems, planning/forecasting model, and the Economic Capital Model. This integration significantly improves the efficiency of Ariel Re’s teams, enables better decision making, and eliminates mistakes. ARPS is a dynamic system; the in-house team is continuously developing to adjust to market conditions, risk appetite and invaluable input from all business units.

To create, enhance and maintain an enterprise system such as ARPS, Ariel Re employs an exceptionally talented group of individuals who combined have over 30 years of experience in the (re)insurance industry. In addition to experience, the team also holds multiple master’s degrees in computer science as well as mathematics. This combined knowledge and skill, coupled with the team’s immersion into the underwriting process, allows ARPS to remain flexible and at the cutting edge in this ever-changing market.

Research and Development

Considerable investment is made in the development of sophisticated exposure management and geographic information systems to support underwriting and risk management decisions. In particular, Ariel Re devotes significant resources to understanding the third-party vendor models used for the following perils:

  • Earth movement
  • Windstorm / storm surge
  • Winter storms
  • Severe connective storms including thunderstorm, tornado and hail
  • Wildfires

Analysis is made of catastrophe model output and the underlying data and assumptions driving these results. The result is a proprietary view of risk which may be in line with, or deviate from, the standard view provided by the models.

In territories or for perils where there is sufficient data to do so, the R&D team works to develop alternative models to the vendor models, which allows Ariel Re to have a further different view of the potential risk.

The R&D team is also responsible for documenting and monitoring the adherence to Ariel Re’s Modelling Guidelines across the underwriting processes. The company strongly believes that communicating the proprietary view of risk, training the modeling analysts and making sure that the view is properly implemented are as important as its development.


The Actuarial team provides pricing support to the underwriting teams on complex, non-standard transactions and other risk transfer decisions by combining actuarial techniques with the output from the Analytics team and a sophisticated understanding of (re)insurance markets.

Comprehensive analyses of the portfolio are undertaken quarterly to estimate and monitor loss reserves for all Ariel Re entities.

Furthermore, the Actuarial team is continually involved in projects to enhance further the analytical capabilities of Ariel Re.

Office Locations

5th Floor, Victoria Place
31 Victoria St.
Hamilton HM 10, Bermuda

Phone: 441-295-5485

1 Fen Court
London, EC3M 5BN
United Kingdom

Phone: 44-020-7712-7600

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