Q&A: Argo’s Sustainable Commuters

Q&A: Argo’s Sustainable Commuters

By walking, taking public transportation and even riding a Segway to work, these employees uphold Argo’s commitment to sustainability every day.

Argo is committed to innovation, teamwork and sustainability. Around the world, the company shares these commitments with its sponsored teams, business partners and employees.

Here’s what some Argo employees have to say about sustainability, and how it shapes their daily commute.

How long have you been commuting to work in an ecofriendly way?

Daniel Glass, claims analyst, New York City: My entire professional career. As a New Yorker, the importance of understanding and using public transportation was ingrained in me at a young age.

David Levy, managing actuary

David Levy, managing actuary, Chicago: I have used a Segway to get to work since August 2017.

Rafael Mariano, business analyst, San Antonio: A little over four years ago, I relocated from the office in São Paulo to San Antonio. I found out about the public transportation and the express bus service offered to connect downtown with some remote areas. Since then, I ride the express bus almost every day.

Michael Zamora, underwriting assistant, San Antonio: I moved downtown, about half a mile from the office. I thought I would challenge myself to start walking to work a couple of days a week, which easily became five days a week.

Why is sustainability important to you?

Glass: We are provided with limited resources, and it is important to me to protect those in order to better society and the world.

Alex Hindson, chief risk officer, London: I have a master’s degree in integrated environmental management. I am responsible for coordinating Argo’s approach to sustainability and reporting this to external stakeholders such as regulators. I believe we need to look after and manage the earth’s resources for future generations.

“Every small choice we make has a small impact, positively or negatively, and these do add up in the end.”

— Alex Hindson

Levy: Living in a crowded city and having a two-year-old daughter help me realize that resources are not only scarce, but also shared. Anything I can do to reduce my impact on the environment and to promote sustainability will ultimately help my family, neighbors, co-workers and others in the future.

Mariano: I will do whatever I can to ensure the future generations will have a good place to live. And what better place to start than my own house and my own children?

Zamora: I want to leave the world a better place for future generations of my family. Reducing my carbon footprint is one way I can do that.

Aside from the environmental impact, what are some of the other benefits of your commute?

Glass: The train provides for calm in an otherwise busy day, and time to read newspapers and books.

Michelle Henslee, regulatory compliance supervisor, San Antonio: My Chevrolet Volt is 96 percent electric. Since I bought it in 2013, I’ve saved an estimated 700 gallons of fuel.

Hindson: Taking the train and underground is the most reliable way to get into Central London.

Levy: The Segway is fun to use. I get to enjoy being outside and am guaranteed to get into the office about 25 minutes from when I leave the house. I do not need to find parking – I can literally go door to door. The electric costs have been negligible, and a full battery allows me to complete a round trip without creating any exhaust.

Mariano: The express line has A/C, free Wi-Fi and reclining seats. I can be a lot more productive while riding the bus than if I was driving.

Zamora: Getting to explore our amazing city on foot, staying active and saving time. The architecture on older buildings is truly remarkable, and you don’t get to see the details from a car.

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