Argo’s 12 Days of Santa’s Insurance: Insurtech

It turns out Santa is an early adopter of the latest technology – especially when he can use it to make his workshop safer, deliveries smoother and the reindeer happier.

Santa was one of the first Argo Insurance policyholders to take the Argo Risk Tech (ART) app for a spin. The customizable digital platform helps prevent workplace incidents, such as slips and falls, and improves claims turnaround with automated alerts and digitally logged reports – a big help in a busy toy workshop.

Here are a few ways Santa uses ART both at the North Pole and on his big night:

Location-based delivery tracking

By using ART on his smartphone to scan a unique QR code at each chimney, Santa can ensure he visits every good boy and girl out there. “If Santa misses a house by a prescribed time, his ART app will send him a real-time reminder,” said Kevin Sandelin, director of risk management services at Argo Insurance – US Grocery and Retail.

Food safety

With ART-iTEMP, the elves, Santa, and Mrs. Claus use the ART-iTHERMA Bluetooth thermometer to confirm their cookie-dunking milk (and other foods) are always stored at a safe temperature.

Quality assurance

Making sure every single toy meets Santa’s high standards is a breeze when the elves use ART-iINSPECT to zip through digital checklists. All Santa’s data is stored on a secure server and accessible through his custom ART dashboard.

Claims reporting

Whether Prancer left a hole in the Johnsons’ roof or one of the elves hit his thumb with a hammer, Santa can quickly send a digital incident report to Argo Insurance using ART-iReport (including photos, witness statements and more), right from his smartphone.

Reindeer care

The elves use their tablets to scan QR codes at the reindeer stables to check food, water, and bedding. “Rudolph’s checklist even includes measuring the brightness of his nose,” Sandelin said. “Any out-of-compliance responses trigger an automatic email and notification to Santa’s veterinarian.”

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