Argo’s 12 Days of Santa’s Insurance: Personal Accident Insurance

Argo’s 12 Days of Santa’s Insurance: Personal Accident Insurance

Raising reindeer, managing a massive toy workshop and flying around the globe is pretty risky. That’s why Santa should check out ArgoGlobal’s personal accident and sickness policy.

Day 7 Personal Accident Insurance Argo's 12 Days of Santa's Insurance

With a track record beyond reproach, Santa appears to have a lock on luck. But with so many children – and grownups – depending on him, he’d be smart to make sure he’s protected in case of a sleigh-stopping accident or illness.

In honor of day seven, these are seven things Santa should know about a personal accident and sickness policy, according to Tom Marsden, personal accident underwriter at ArgoGlobal:

1. The policy covers accidental medical expenses
while traveling, temporary or permanent disability due to accident or sickness, and accidental death.

2. Adding evacuation and repatriation coverage
to the policy could really come in handy if Santa needed help getting back to the North Pole following an accident or illness.

3. Policyholders choose when coverage is in effect:
twenty-four hours a day, only while at work, only while at work or commuting, during business travel only or while not at work.

4. A full medical evaluation is required
; pre-existing conditions may be excluded.

5. Although toymaking is generally considered a “medium” occupation risk category, flying a sleigh to deliver them is not. “There is some increased risk given the types of places Santa will be going and due to the type of vehicle he will be flying,” Marsden said.

6. Additional rate loading would apply
as Santa needs worldwide coverage and visits countries that are high risk or have very high medical expenses.

7. Although his exact premium would depend
on various factors, Santa would pay about $15,000 annually for this policy.