Commercial surety bonds

Argo Surety specializes in all types of miscellaneous and commercial surety, offering competitive rates and quick response to inquiries.

Argo Surety specializes in supporting bonds for commercial surety clients, offering competitive rates, quick responses and a thoughtful underwriting approach to the surety need. Argo Surety has capacity to support up to $300 million for qualifying customers. Its underwriting approach is tailored for each need, with consideration of the individual risk profile and bonded obligation.

Coverage Highlights

Coverage available

Contract bonds:

  •   Bid
  •   Supply/supply and install
  •   Performance and payment
  •   Maintenance
  •   Litigation

License and permit bonds:

  •   Customs
  •   Road use
  •   Tax
  •   Reclamation/closure
  •   Plugging and abandonment

Court bonds:

  •   Appeal
  •   Trustee
  •   Attachment/injunction
  •   Replevin

Miscellaneous bonds:

  •   Customs
  •   Lost instrument
  •   Workers’ comp
  •   Lease


Coverage Amounts

Minimum bond premium

Minimum premiums:

  • $100/bond
  • $25,000 per account

Coverage Limits

Bond program capacity*:

  • $75,000,000 single
  • $250,000,000 aggregate

*Net of collateral

Appetite & Availability

Targeted classes


  • Service contractors
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Coal/mining
  • Energy/oil and gas
  • Industrial equipment
  • Waste services
  • Technology
  • Retail
  • Insurance/financial services
  • Public utilities
  • Healthcare
  • Home builders
Geographic availability

United States
Brazil (Brasil)
United Kingdom

Geographic availability notes

European Union


Joshua Betz


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