Our Products

Our Products


Cargo and Marine

Freight insurance coverage for shippers and carriers with our high capacities for risk exposures, underwriting discipline, local authority to accept risks and swift responsiveness to reported claims.

Directors and Officers Liability

Insurance coverage for executive officers, business owners, and other management against claims related to management activities. This coverage applies to defense costs associated with these claims, including attorneys’ fees and possibly adverse court decisions or settlements.

Errors and Omissions

Insurance converge to protect service providers against claims made by clients for services that lead to actual losses or extreme emotional distress. This insurance coverage applies to defense costs associated with such claims, including attorneys’ fees and occasional adverse court decisions or settlements.

General Civil Liability

Insurance coverage that offers the refund of amounts for which the insured has incurred civil liability as a result of injury to a third part which causes damages and/or extreme emotional distress. For companies who now face higher exposure due to their products, facilities, employees, and services, this insurance is essential.

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2018 Midyear Report

2018 Insights: Risks, Uncertainty and a Looming Talent Gap

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