Argo Pro’s Cyber Tech PROtect offers a full spectrum of coverage solutions related to professional and technology services.

Cyber Tech PROtect℠

Argo Pro’s Cyber Tech PROtect offers a full spectrum of coverage solutions related to professional and technology services.

Argo Pro’s Cyber Tech PROtect is a package product that can be customized to meet a company’s coverage requirements by offering a full spectrum of coverage solutions related to professional and technology services: the processing and dissemination of content and the increasingly difficult challenge of keeping a company’s computer networks and information private and secure. Insureds can select one or more coverage sections addressing:

  • Cyber, privacy and security
  • Miscellaneous professional
  • Technology professional
  • Media liability

Coverage Highlights

• Simplified policy form with one aggregate limit and one deductible

• First-party coverages include:

– Forensics
– Notification and call centers
– Public relations
– Credit monitoring and ID restoration and monitoring
– Business interruption
– Dependent business interruption
– PCI assessment, fines and penalties
– Regulatory fines and penalties

• No retro date for cyber coverage

• Third-party coverage

• Reward expenses paid for information leading to arrest and conviction of hacker

• Option to handle notification expenses outside the limit for a specified number of affected individuals (by endorsement)

• Claims handled in-house with additional support provided by an expert panel of cyber vendors

• Pre-notification costs coverage with panel providers (available by endorsement)

• Policy provides option to include MPL, Tech E&O and Media Liability coverage sections

Coverage Limits

• Maximum capacity: $15 million

• Minimum deductible: $10,000

Appetite & Availability

• Companies of all sizes

• Companies from any industry segment

Additional Information

Argo Pro has partnered with NetDiligence®, a leading cyber risk assessment and data breach services company that provides post-incident online services for clients through its eRisk Hub® portal. The eRisk Hub® portal will provide Argo Pro policyholders with information and technical resources that can assist them in the prevention of network, cyber and privacy losses and support them in the timely reporting and recovery of losses if an incident occurs.

Applications: Applications are available on the applications page.

Coverage is always subject to all of a policy’s terms and conditions. This is a summary of certain key aspects of coverage. Review the policy form for complete terms and conditions. Products are underwritten by U.S. insurers that are members of Argo Group. Some products are only available through an authorized surplus lines insurer.



For more information about Cyber Tech PROtect℠, please contact:

Craig Landi


201-680-7881 Email Craig Landi

Jerry O’Dwyer

VP, Underwriting Manager

732-623-8989 Email Jerry O’Dwyer

Josh Navarro

AVP, Underwriting Manager

312-849-6965 Email Josh Navarro

Mark Vella

VP, Underwriting Manager

415-757-2515 Email Mark Vella
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