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Our underwriting team includes deep expertise in understanding the professional service exposures that individuals and organizations face in their day-to-day business. We pride ourselves on our ability to customize policies that meet the needs of the various professional services exposures in today’s business environment.

Featured Products

Argo Pro

Accountants PROtect℠

Argo Pro’s Accountants PROtect policy provides protection for accounting professionals and their staff, addressing exposures associated with the performance of this exacting profession and meeting the demanding standards of its particular exposures.

Argo Pro

Cyber Tech PROtect℠

Argo Pro’s Cyber Tech PROtect is a package product that can be customized to meet a company’s coverage requirements.

Argo Pro

Architects & Engineers PROtect℠

Our Architects and Engineers unit is equipped to provide coverage for a wide range of design professionals, contractors, real estate developers and more.

Argo Pro

Lawyers PROtect℠

Professional liability coverage for law firms engaged in private practice.

Argo Pro

Miscellaneous PROtect℠

Provides protection to professionals and their staff, addressing exposures associated with the performance of their professional services.

Argo Pro

Argo Flex XS℠ Excess Follow Form

Argo Flex-XS is designed to follow excess of management and professional liability coverages and is a flexible yet streamlined approach to excess coverage.

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