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Front End Developer

Before the dawn of everything internet, insurance was intimate and personal. You walked down the street to chat with your broker, and the risk to your business, your livelihood, was covered with a handshake. Today things are different. The average
insurance policy for a mom-and-pop store trades through a dozen different hands and traverses a maze of systems and processes. Few are accountable and fewer know the whole story.

This is just a taste of the type of big problem we want you to solve. We seek a front end developer to help drive a new digital product team on a mission to bring a new type of interaction to a market once exclusively driven by in-person relationships.

As one of the founding members of a small, multi-disciplinary team of technologists, designers and product managers, you’ll have the freedom to make key product decisions without much oversight, and the tools and resources to build and ship
ideas quickly. You’ll be a part of a startup-like environment in a company with thousands of existing customers.

Who you are

You’re working at a startup with a lifespan near its finish. You’re the talented member of a team at a popular technology company looking for the opportunity to have more control and leadership. You’re the workhorse at an agency, tired of coding
products for promotions instead of real users. Ever thought of creating your own product?

Some signs you might be ready:

  • You’re a maker, above all else. In your spare time, you’ve collaborated with friends to conduct experiments outside of work. You make first and write later, understanding the value of prototypes, small trials and fast fails.
  • You have a deep understanding of browser APIs and JavaScript frameworks like Angular and React. You can move so fluidly between client and server-side code that no one notices.
  • You’re not just a coder. You’re someone who knows how to get things made. You start imagining how to turn experiences into products as soon as you hear the concept, and you know how to prod for the right direction before you start hacking
  • Your experience is quality over quantity. Years of professional experience isn’t important, but an understanding of what it takes to build a product from scratch is.
  • You put users first. You believe that users should have the loudest voice in the room. You make to learn. You understand the role of validation and its place in the product development process.

What you’ll own

  • Every stage of the front-end deployment — from creating concepts and presentations and making pixel-perfect visual layouts and redlines to working with engineers and pushing out production assets.
  • Lovingly crafting backend interfaces from product designs.
  • Implementing front-end prototypes used to validate product concepts and iterating on those that stick.
  • Snappy code, from flexible JavaScript libraries to concise, reusable models.
  • Participate in user testing and transform those findings into new interfaces.
  • Collaborate with a team of strategists, designers and engineers, dedicated to crafting new solutions for delivering service to our users.
  • Through regular product meetings, transforming consumer stories into product ideas, storyboarding, and prototyping experiences, you’ll grow your own skills and those of your colleagues.

Skill set

  • Front-end markup (HTML5, CSS)
  • Frontend frameworks (Javascript, AngularJS, React, Backbone, Sails, Node)
  • Design software (Adobe Creative Suite)
  • Rapid development and deployment (Docker, Django, Bootstrap, Heroku, New Relic)
  • Automated A/B testing (Optimizely et al.)

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