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We discover and empower entrepreneurs reinventing financial services.

Derisked venture capital combining investing, tech, and operating expertise.

We are early- and growth-stage investors with a mission to discover and empower entrepreneurs who are reinventing the landscape of financial services through technology. When we make an investment, we make a long-term commitment to our entrepreneurs and play an active role in helping them build impactful businesses that make financial services more transparent, effective and affordable. The entrepreneurs we back are hungry, passionate and intellectually driven. They are the change they want to see in financial services. We like to roll up our sleeves and work tirelessly alongside them to set up companies for strong, sustainable growth.

Areas of Focus

We are return-focused investors backing companies within strategic themes


Like insurance businesses, other financial institutions have been bringing newfound efficiencies to their own organizations and bringing transparency and personalization to their customers and partners. Additionally, emerging technologies, like blockchain, present completely new approaches for the entire financial services paradigm.

Risk Management

With always-on connectivity and data analytics, we can now access an unprecedented, real-time view into a business’ operations and risks. Companies in this space provide a win-win proposition centered around transparency, reducing accidents for businesses, while also mitigating claims for insurers.

Enterprise Software

No matter the industry, enterprises are all racing to become “digital,” moving from legacy to cloud-native architectures, from waterfall to agile development, and from outsourcing to automation. Successful digital transformations will rely heavily upon innovation of the middle and back offices.


We invest in early and growth-stage companies.

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