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Before the dawn of everything internet, insurance was intimate and personal. You walked down the street to chat with your broker, and the risk to your business, your livelihood, was covered with a handshake. Today things are different. The average insurance policy for a mom-and-pop store trades through a dozen different hands and traverses a maze of systems and processes. Few are accountable and fewer know the whole story.

This is just a taste of the type of big problem we want you to solve. We seek a VP Design to help drive a new digital product team on a mission to bring a new type of interaction to a market once exclusively driven by in-person relationships.

As one of the founding members of a small, multi-disciplinary team of technologists, designers and product managers, you’ll have the freedom to make key product decisions without much oversight, and the tools and resources to build and ship ideas quickly. You’ll be a part of a startup-like environment in a company with thousands of existing customers.

Who you are

You’re working at a startup with a lifespan near its finish. You’re the talented member of a team at a popular technology company looking for the opportunity to have more control and leadership. You’re the workhorse at an agency, tired of coding products for promotions instead of real users. Ever thought of creating your own product?

Some signs you might be ready:

  • You’re a maker, above all else. Working alone or with other designers you have shipped an experience well-received by users, one that wasn’t just incremental change but an entirely new product. In your spare time, you’ve collaborated with friends to conduct experiments outside of work. You make first and write later, understanding the value of prototypes, small trials and fast fails.
  • You’re constantly picking apart the most touted designs on the web. You put experience first – both for the user and your team, and your open-source contributions make even the core Bootstrap team jealous.
  • You’ve been responsible for developing products that have successfully gone to market.
  • You set the bar high. You think in systems and have scaled UI frameworks and design pattern languages across an organization.
  • You are a natural leader, and a magnet for attracting and retaining sharp design talent to your team. Your passion for digital product design is easy to discern from your past work.
  • You’re comfortable with mentoring up-and-coming designers.
  • You are driven by the process of creating new things. You have the optimistic attitude to educate teams on user needs and goals (what's desirable), to balance the engineer's pragmatism (what's feasible) and the product manager's sense of features to be developed (what's needed).

What you'll own

  • You’ll collaborate with a team of product managers, designers and engineers, dedicated to crafting new solutions for delivering service to our customers.
  • You’ll own the UI framework and design language the rest of our team uses to build product on top of. Teams will look to you to set the bar.
  • You’ll synthesize qualitative and quantitative user research and usability study outputs to devise successful product strategies.
  • You will own the vision for building a culture of user-centric design across our entire team, not just the design team.

Skill set

  • 5-7+ years experience leading large-scale consumer web and/or mobile product design efforts, both as a principal designer and as a team leader
  • Must have hired, mentored and coached designers at varying levels
  • Rapid Prototyping (Balsamiq,, Axure, Marvel)
  • HTML, CSS3, JS

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