5 Ways Trident Can Help Law Enforcement

5 Ways Trident Can Help Law Enforcement Mitigate Risks

To help address risk management needs and other challenges, Trident Public Risk Solutions has spent years closely working with those who protect and serve across the country.

Local law enforcement agencies face a number of unique hazards. But with limited resources, they often find themselves more in need of risk management support than other agencies.

Just one example is how increased media coverage of law enforcement – often controversial – can bring high-profile cases to living rooms across the world. No department is immune from the potential fallout such scrutiny can cause.

To help encourage positive community relations and meet other challenges, Trident Public Risk Solutions has spent years working with local law enforcement agencies across the United States to help them manage risks.

The five ways Trident can help your law enforcement agency can be summed up using the acronym COPPS.

C: Coverage
O: Online training
P: Policy updates
P: Perspective
S: Superior claims service

1. Coverage

As part of its public entity package, Trident can provide law enforcement liability coverage for unique exposures such as mutual aid agreements, canine or equine use, and managing detention facilities. Trident also recognizes emerging risks by making coverage available for things like drones and cyberattacks.

2. Online training

In partnership with LocalGovU, Trident provides extensive online training programs to its public entity clients. Among the nearly 150 courses are several that are specifically designed for law enforcement, including courses unique to this learning platform.

Trident has also partnered with OSS Academy, a licensed and well-respected training provider in the law enforcement and corrections communities. Through this program, courses are offered to Trident’s policyholders at preferred rates. OSS Academy’s courses are approved or recognized by many peace officer standards and training boards. Learn more about online training courses.

3. Policy updates

Are you interested in improving your existing law enforcement procedures or jail operations? OSS Law Enforcement Advisors, Trident’s trusted partner, is dedicated to improving law enforcement and security operations by providing a complete set of up-to-date model policies each year. Learn more about how they can assist your organization.

4. Perspective

Trident has been working with law enforcement agencies across the country for many years and understands the complexities associated with their operations. Trident’s experienced team of risk control consultants is available to provide assistance and offer a unique perspective that other insurers don’t have.

Trident’s Ask the Risk Control Manager, for example, is a way for law enforcement officials to ask risk management-related questions anytime through an online portal. Trident responds to all inquiries in less than 24 hours.

5. Superior claims service

As a leading public entity insurance program, the Trident claims staff has adjudicated more than 100,000 governmental entity claims in a majority of U.S. states.

Trident understands the unique risks faced by public entities more thoroughly than a generalist carrier, which helps to avoid potential fraud while also saving policyholders from paying unwarranted claims.

The Trident claims management and senior staff are also seasoned pros. On average, they have been involved in handling law enforcement liability claims on behalf of public entities for more than 20 years. They bring a wealth of practical experience while understanding the sensitivity needed to deal with claims issues unique to governmental entities.

That includes jails, which pose one of the greatest financial risks facing public entities large and small. Trident explored this in more detail, including offering recommendations on ways to mitigate risks, in its recently published jail claims study.

Trident’s claims staff handles a variety of municipal exposures ranging from small rural villages to large municipalities with self-insured retentions. Trident values its business partners and stays closely connected with its clients on claims issues to ensure a successful relationship.

Who Trident insures: From small and midsize local governments purchasing guaranteed-cost packaged coverage to larger public entity risks that require unique funding and reinsurance mechanisms, Trident is your comprehensive platform for public sector risk management solutions.

Other ways Trident can help: As one example, to address potentially negative publicity, Trident has created a media-handling checklist such as having a statement worked out in advance. Learn more.

Contact Trident: Have questions? Need information? Please contact any team member from this list.

To learn more: The “Trident Is Here” series will highlight the many ways Trident serves the risk needs of the public sector. Trident – a leading provider of commercial insurance products for public entities – offers a suite of coverage solutions designed specifically for each client. Trident, through its network of agents and brokers, covers more than 2,000 municipalities, public schools, special districts and interlocal pools seeking a multi-line solution for their insurance and reinsurance programs.

Discover more ways that Trident can serve you by visiting www.argolimited.com/trident.

Trident Public Risk Solutions provides its risk management assessment information and recommendations with the intention of assisting its clients with the management of their insurance risks, exposures and losses. By providing its clients with such risk management information and recommendations, Trident does not warrant that a client will necessarily experience a reduction of its insurance risks, exposures and/or losses. Trident expects that its clients will consult with legal counsel in the development of their risk management program as Trident’s risk management information and recommendations are not intended to provide its clients with any type of legal advice or guidance. Further, the performance by Trident of any type of risk management inspection, assessment, and/or evaluation for its clients, is not intended to be relied upon by its clients as confirmation that a client’s facilities, property, operations or personnel are safe, healthy and/or in compliance with any applicable legal and/or regulatory requirements.

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